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274057285_3a3aa76a28.jpgFor my 40th year I decided to take another angle.  To many people get hung up on the life's little issues; work, age, permisson, etc, etc, and forget there's a world outside their picket fence.  So for my mid-life crisis therapy i'm  spending more time living, and less time sitting on the couch...my antidote to the corportate lifestyle; no sabattical included.

365 days...

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    Lessons Learned

    Well, now that I have officially finished with my first batch of fun filled challenges I suppose I should take a moment to reflect back on the last year and some quick thoughts:

    1. Its Mental:  When i think back to the longer and more trying events (ie Euro to Africa swim-fun), I can write for certain that it's mostly mental.  Sure you have to have your training down but if you really push your limits you will always come to that point where you are hitting the wall, and at that point it's just a matter of taking one more step or stroke or stride....then repeat....  If you pass out then you will know you hit your limit, but short of that it's just a matter of never giving in.  (Please note if you pass out in the water u might die so don't do that and tell your family not to sue me if u do).
    2. Consistency keeps the boo boo's away:  More than anything else...stretching, long warm ups, etc., just being consistent was what kept my injuries away.  It's not easy as real life constantly gets in the way, but even a few minutes helps keep your  body conditioned.
    3. Jack Daniels is bad for training.
    4. Jose Cuervo is even worse.
    5. Jaeger Meister is the absolute worst. 
    6. Cross Training:  For me it was the only thing that kept me somewhat sane.  This is very obvious but it's also more than...i wont run I'll bike....  I found Yoga (ya i suck but its fun), trail running, steps, etc., a welcomed relief.  The more varied the better.
    7. Workout:  Anyone who tells you that there is a 'right way to get in shape' is full of it.  There is no one 'best' workout...there are lots of great workouts you just need to find what's right for you.
    8. Swimming helps climbing.  Swimming, for me, was the best exercise to expand my cardio, (assuming you will do flip turns which is important)
    9. Friends, coaching, manager, etc. are key to success.  The fact that they are all smarter than me is even better, (thx Meh, Rock, AB, Foreman, Young, DJ, E. Preston, Dr. Adad, E. Tripp...Mish, Laurie, Erin, Chloe and Rayn, Mom, Sivan.
    10. The talent in Spain is impressive.   Need to get back there.

    All for now...Peace-



    Bermuda swim fun



    Well we went off as planned on Sunday...6.4 miles in the beautiful Bermudian Ocean.  I had my sis and Bro in law for support so here is my trip report:

    Day 1:  Thursday October 16th:  arrived around 9pm.   The weather was perfect, (yes it was dark), and we checked into the Elbow Beach hotel.  the first thing you notice (and i have been there a few times) is how increadibly clean it is.  really, i mean do they arrest people that don't cut their lawn everyday...so clean and perfect - Like 'Truman Show,' (and expensive....)

    Day 2:  Friday:  So we aren't really getting close per say.   A good bottle or two of wine are expected.  Again i go back to the adage...what's done is done and a little bit of a good time won't derail it... (a little wine is what i'm talking about).  We laid in the sun most of the day-great weather.  The Atlantic is perfect, turquiose and warm. Had a great dinner at Beracudda and to my surpise Nancy Wilson never jumped out to jam....

    Day 3: T-1 DAY...Saturday:  So this is the day before.  I have been taking prep swims of about 90 minutes in the ocean and my sis scolds me like my Mom would if she was here..."you are swimming too far we can't see you, etc."   

    I checked in at the course at around 3 and we took a tour of the course.  This is where is gets a bit funny, u see it's not a 10k course with laps...its a 10k course set out around a 50k area in the ocean.  so we have to go around islands...this to the left...that to the right...very cool.

    It took us 51 minutes...IN A BOAT...to tour the course.  Oh boy what does that mean for tomorrow?  I think 10k for a Crow is 13k on this windy course.

    Day 4:  Ok so i woke up at like 4 am and really thougt the race would be cancelled.  The wind was howling at around 20 knots and the waves, at least outside the hotel, in the ocean,were crazy.  To me i didn't really care...3 hours....8 hours...WTF...its about the fun anyhow..weather is weather and if you bet on it you will live a frustrated life.  We arrived the course at around 9am and it looked good.  

    We got our swim caps...u know white for the 2k folk...Yellow for the 4k folk...AND PINK for the 10 folk, WTF?  Tights and pink cap...that's all I'll say....

    Tights and Pink cap...gee where's the leopard thong?

    I got greased up and put on my tights-like-I-am-really-a-good-swimmer-outfit (which I'm not), and did a little stretching.  I walked down the slimy ramp and slipped down 6 steps and sprained my wrist...nice start:)

    So the race...First thing i have to admit is the water was increadibly salty which makes this whole endevor a bit easier.  So what's the plan?  I have no idea...a normal person would do this before he tried to swim from Euro to Africa...but whats normal....

    So the start goes off at 10am...all good.  Pretty flat water for the first 1000M.  At around 1200 wen we start to go around a series of 3 islands we start to feel the waves.  I am talking waves breakingover our heads.  20K wind makes all the diff.  I hit the 2700M check point (to make sure your not cheating or dying) at around 45Mins...so i was ok with the time. 

    The next 5300 would be very challenging.  I think part of the problem is that its so shallow...thus the waves (obviously) break pretty hard.  I will readily admit it was a tough couple of hours from 2.7k to 8. 

    At around 6 i remember getting close to the checkpoint and seeing all these 'yellow balls."  Understand that when u are in the water, with salt covering the inside of our goggle...and have been swimming for a good 2 hours...things can look a little out of order.  I thought why are there all those rubber ducks in the water?

    When i got about 100M from the next check-in dock and a horn went off...it was the start for the 4k group (they got yellow caps and we...who at this point are swimming 10k...and have swum 6k already...have pink caps.  Hmmmmmm some strange attempt to demansculize us....)

    So the next 2...from 6- 8 felt pretty darn good.  The waves mellowed a bit and i could start to feel a bit of a rythm.  Lets be honest...i am a crappy swimmer...but i have cardio so the longer i go the better it gets.

    Finally, the 8k check in.  Now i am starting to feel great.  We are at the the ley side of the island so the water is calm.  I am pretty sure i swam the next 2k faster than any other 2k as i was realing in people pretty easily. 

    Finally the finish.  i went inside the finish buoy and found myself on top of fire Coral.  I remember people screaming...but im like....ok i have been swimming my arse off for 3 hours....that's just noise....  In the end i scraped or cut my hand on the coral but swam fine to the finish...Great day....


    Off to Bermuda....

    One thing for sure...continuing to swim immediately after my Euro - Africa swim as been tough.  After all the training to get ready for the big swim I find myself a bit burned out.  Frankly, I'm a little tired of stairing at a little black line everyday.  It's also getting cold and getting light later in the morning by the day.  So getting out of a warm bed...at 5am...when its 40 degrees and dark...to go jump in the water...well it's been a bit tough.  However....all is good on the mental front so no complaints.  In fact I did anticipate a bit of a post event letdown and brought a new element into my training to help vary my schedule.  Bikram Yoga.  I tried it quite a few times in the past but i never got into it but i am liking it now.  I started the day after getting back from Europe and have gone 4-5 times a week since returning.  I suck...and am about as flexible as a metal pipe, but i have seen some improvement in the last few weeks (ever so small...real small).  I actually jumped in the pool earlier this week, swam two laps and said, 'screw it,' and went and worked out on the stariclimber.  Balance is a good thing,  and this is just a reminder.

    I am actually curious to see how this race goes.  Its 10k so less than half of Gibraltar, and not out in a channel, but the moment won't be quite as dire...so i am not sure what to expect.  But it's sunny and the water is warm...so there, i just flipped my attitude in one paragraph....  All good.

    Leave tomorrow, one day in NYC and then to Bermuda.  Plan to keep clear of the triangle....



    Well this was probably one of the most painful things i have done, but the weather was great, the water was clear, the team work was first class so all good!  A quick synopsis of the day:

    Miles 1-4:  Feeling great, waves not too bad and no sharks:  Miles 5-8:  Current is definately stonger but still feeling good.  I can start to see the Atlas Mountain range through the mist....and no sharks:  Miles 9-11: Every 1-2 strokes i find myself in a trough so i end up holding my breath for another stroke:  Mile 12 to finish:  I remember barfing up orange energy drink...which isn't easy when when in the water...but after that i felt good as new and finally hit the coast of Africa.

    Carver's Europe to Africa swim (Gibraltar Strait) from sc on Vimeo.
    Carver's Europe to Africa Swim from sc on Vimeo.


    The Day...Not

    I drove into Tarifa at 9.30 to discuss our trip and it was not to be.  The weather is great but the tides and wind are not which both of which dramatically effect the swim.  Now for the bad news...The Lavante is arriving tomorrow which is a big wind that shifts coming inland towards the west which is basically opposite of what is normal.  Its great for Kite Surfers which is huge in Tarifa but not great for anyone wishing to swim to Africa.  The only way to make the swim is to work with the current.  This is the part of the Mederteranian where the Atlantic meets the Mediteranian which moves from West to East, along with the typical prevailing winds.  Thus the Levante moves agianst that which would make the swim even longer.  Enough said...looks like i have to wait till the 16th...wonder if the energy drink will still be 'energy drink' after sitting in a non-cooled jug for the next week? :)