Escape (swim) from Alcatraz – August 9th

The Alcatraz swim, like The Big Climb, is an event that’s just too much fun to pass by, (and doesn’t take a great deal of training). Alcatraz, or the Rock, was first a military prison and finally a federal prison holding such famous inmates as Al Capone. As the story goes, no prisoner ever successfully escaped from the prison during the 29 years it was a federal institution. 36 prisoners were involved in 14 attempts. A bunch of people were shot and killed but 2 prisoners were listed as drowned but their bodies were never found. So just like DB Cooper we can all speculate, or thanks to a few independent swim events, we can try to escape ourselves (without having been confined first). All swimmers take a ferry ride out and then, parallel to the Rock, jump off and start swimming. The route is 1.5 miles as the crow which means the total swim distance is anywhere from 1.75 to 2.5 depending on how fast and straight you swim, (current, waves, navigation, etc., all factor in to total distance.

What: Alcatraz Swim

Why: A great swim from a national landmark. Also frickin’ cold so you will feel great when you finish

How: There are a few different events which I will list here:

· The Sharkfest is probably the most popular and best known. You need to sign up early for the event as it fills up fast

-----August 15th 2009 (next one). It’s the 17th annual managed by Envirosports

-----The Alcatraz 100 is another great race.

o August 29th 2009. Alcatraz 100 swim

Like a monster escaping the primordial ooze.... trying out his new 'Robot Dance' moves