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274057285_3a3aa76a28.jpgFor my 40th year I decided to take another angle.  To many people get hung up on the life's little issues; work, age, permisson, etc, etc, and forget there's a world outside their picket fence.  So for my mid-life crisis therapy i'm  spending more time living, and less time sitting on the couch...my antidote to the corportate lifestyle; no sabattical included.

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    Lessons Learned

    Well, now that I have officially finished with my first batch of fun filled challenges I suppose I should take a moment to reflect back on the last year and some quick thoughts:

    1. Its Mental:  When i think back to the longer and more trying events (ie Euro to Africa swim-fun), I can write for certain that it's mostly mental.  Sure you have to have your training down but if you really push your limits you will always come to that point where you are hitting the wall, and at that point it's just a matter of taking one more step or stroke or stride....then repeat....  If you pass out then you will know you hit your limit, but short of that it's just a matter of never giving in.  (Please note if you pass out in the water u might die so don't do that and tell your family not to sue me if u do).
    2. Consistency keeps the boo boo's away:  More than anything else...stretching, long warm ups, etc., just being consistent was what kept my injuries away.  It's not easy as real life constantly gets in the way, but even a few minutes helps keep your  body conditioned.
    3. Jack Daniels is bad for training.
    4. Jose Cuervo is even worse.
    5. Jaeger Meister is the absolute worst. 
    6. Cross Training:  For me it was the only thing that kept me somewhat sane.  This is very obvious but it's also more than...i wont run I'll bike....  I found Yoga (ya i suck but its fun), trail running, steps, etc., a welcomed relief.  The more varied the better.
    7. Workout:  Anyone who tells you that there is a 'right way to get in shape' is full of it.  There is no one 'best' workout...there are lots of great workouts you just need to find what's right for you.
    8. Swimming helps climbing.  Swimming, for me, was the best exercise to expand my cardio, (assuming you will do flip turns which is important)
    9. Friends, coaching, manager, etc. are key to success.  The fact that they are all smarter than me is even better, (thx Meh, Rock, AB, Foreman, Young, DJ, E. Preston, Dr. Adad, E. Tripp...Mish, Laurie, Erin, Chloe and Rayn, Mom, Sivan.
    10. The talent in Spain is impressive.   Need to get back there.

    All for now...Peace-


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