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274057285_3a3aa76a28.jpgFor my 40th year I decided to take another angle.  To many people get hung up on the life's little issues; work, age, permisson, etc, etc, and forget there's a world outside their picket fence.  So for my mid-life crisis therapy i'm  spending more time living, and less time sitting on the couch...my antidote to the corportate lifestyle; no sabattical included.

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    The Day...Not

    I drove into Tarifa at 9.30 to discuss our trip and it was not to be.  The weather is great but the tides and wind are not which both of which dramatically effect the swim.  Now for the bad news...The Lavante is arriving tomorrow which is a big wind that shifts coming inland towards the west which is basically opposite of what is normal.  Its great for Kite Surfers which is huge in Tarifa but not great for anyone wishing to swim to Africa.  The only way to make the swim is to work with the current.  This is the part of the Mederteranian where the Atlantic meets the Mediteranian which moves from West to East, along with the typical prevailing winds.  Thus the Levante moves agianst that which would make the swim even longer.  Enough said...looks like i have to wait till the 16th...wonder if the energy drink will still be 'energy drink' after sitting in a non-cooled jug for the next week? :)

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