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274057285_3a3aa76a28.jpgFor my 40th year I decided to take another angle.  To many people get hung up on the life's little issues; work, age, permisson, etc, etc, and forget there's a world outside their picket fence.  So for my mid-life crisis therapy i'm  spending more time living, and less time sitting on the couch...my antidote to the corportate lifestyle; no sabattical included.

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    Well this was probably one of the most painful things i have done, but the weather was great, the water was clear, the team work was first class so all good!  A quick synopsis of the day:

    Miles 1-4:  Feeling great, waves not too bad and no sharks:  Miles 5-8:  Current is definately stonger but still feeling good.  I can start to see the Atlas Mountain range through the mist....and no sharks:  Miles 9-11: Every 1-2 strokes i find myself in a trough so i end up holding my breath for another stroke:  Mile 12 to finish:  I remember barfing up orange energy drink...which isn't easy when when in the water...but after that i felt good as new and finally hit the coast of Africa.

    Carver's Europe to Africa swim (Gibraltar Strait) from sc on Vimeo.
    Carver's Europe to Africa Swim from sc on Vimeo.

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    CONGRATULATIONS! Heard all about it from Yusuf this weekend. Quite a feat! Makes me wish I had planned something like this for my 40th, but I have an allergy to sharks.

    The blog is cool. One suggestion: add an RSS feed!


    September 29, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterYazmin Mehdi

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