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274057285_3a3aa76a28.jpgFor my 40th year I decided to take another angle.  To many people get hung up on the life's little issues; work, age, permisson, etc, etc, and forget there's a world outside their picket fence.  So for my mid-life crisis therapy i'm  spending more time living, and less time sitting on the couch...my antidote to the corportate lifestyle; no sabattical included.

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    Arriving in Spain

    Coach Yusuf and I arrived in Tarifa last night around 11p after a long day of flights and met our buddy Ted at the airport.  We headed North towards Gibraltar then then continued to Tarifa arriving around 1 am.  This place is amazing; beach rocks, location rocks...the only problem, as i see it, is that when i looks to the south all i see is water...and I was hoping to be able to see the coast of Africa....;).  The plan for today, other than getting lots of sun, swimming and meeting the locals, is to connect with Raphael, the guy who runs the Gibraltar swim association and discuss my swim.  We talked today and he suggested i come by early tomorrow and if it looks good we make a go for it.  For me that would be the ideal...one day to get over jet lag (or try to) and then make a go at the swim.  After all this is Spain, so there are only so many days that I can hold off  immersing myself (ourselves) into the Spainish culture which includes staying out till the sun comes up. 

    Getting my bearings, mixing a giant vat of energy drink formula and taking a quick swim...more later...oh and our first look to the South to Africa (atleast they say its there....)

    The first look towards Africa


    At that Point

    Very behind on my update and need to get a lot of words from paper to digital....  I am at the point where i just want to get in the water and head to Africa.  I have been fighting a ton of injuries i the last two months and it's been a case of two strokes forward and two strokes back.  I am now at T-4 days before i arrive in spain to starit my swim.  From there i could go at anytime depending on the weather.  I was gong to do an 8 mile swim today but ended up taking the day off.  I volunteer on friday's in the ER room so i don't get home until around 3am...and when i tried to wake up at 7...i though "will this really get me anything?'  So i decided to take the day off and call it the beginning of my taper...we'll see if it was a good or bad idea.  Well not many days left now.

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