EMT Certification - January 12th - April 15th (Passed state final on 4/15)

This was the first challenge that I took on and there were a couple of reasons why.  First off, I was in a place, not sure if was superficial (i.e. turning 40) or actual where i just needed to push myself in a way that was totally unfamiliar.  Secondly, I had taken a CPR class and realized that there was no way a few hours of pumping on recitation Annie was going to prepare me to save a life.  Finally, I needed something more than just pushing myself physically; I needed to stretch my mind as well.  There were many elements to consider but for me it was how to balance 20 hours of week in class, and another 10-15  hours of studying (or whatever it took) while still working full time at Microsoft that made this idea really challenging. And it was a change of pace.  Spend three days from 6-10pm and all day Saturday studying unfamiliar terms.  No it wasn't pre-med material but it was all new material that I could actually use if need be; whether the guy next to me fell off his bar stool and hit his head of a climbing buddy of mine was hurt out in the wilderness.

Also a funny thing happened...as I was so busy I decided to 'not drink' till the class was over...which to anyone who likes to have a drink or two socially knows what a challenge that is....  I guess i should list that as a challenge in itself but it sounds so lame...so I’ll just post it here.  Never had a sip of any alcohol from day one till the end of class, (one week later and am still...what's the word...'dry?'  But all work and  no play makes Jack a dull boy so we'll see).

What:  Acquire my EMT license

Why:  A few reasons.  First off it's always a good idea to be 'well rounded.'  If someone is in trouble can you provide assistance and help a person survive?  A CPR certification is a great start, but its limited in scope.  Additionally, i spend a good deal of time outdoors and when your hours from medical assistance its a good idea to know how to save someone yourself instead of hoping for someone else to do it.

How:  There are a few ways to get your license (at least in WA state).  Either through a Community College or directly through an ambulance company.  The ambulance company makes the most sense if your goal is to work as an EMT (mine wasn't  but the time was right).  I took the class through AMR (http://www.amr.net/) and would highly recommend them.  The instructors were great and as you are taking the class at the