Bermuda 'Round the Sound' 10k swim - October 19th


Bermuda 10k Swim race ( from sc on Vimeo.

The Bermuda RTS (Round the Sound) swim is a 10k swim on the beautiful island of Bermuda. Now the prudent person would ask, “why wouldn’t you start with this 10k, which is a massive swim in itself, before attempting to swim from Spain to Morocco?’ My answer would be “no idea….” The way this turned out was more a matter of timing really. I knew I wanted to hit Denali on my 40th year and the climbing season is pretty short; from May to the first week in July. There aren’t many swims before June due to the temperature so that it meant it had to happen later in the summer. However…the best time for the Europe to Africa attempt is August or September due to the cold (water) and wind, and as I would be on a mountain into July (and not swimming) September would be the earliest time that I could try to make a big swim, (really long winded answer I know).

At any rate the RTS should be a fun swim. The water temp in Bermuda should be in the mid to high 70’s and hopefully sunny. Seattle on the other hand will likely be raining and grey so this will be a good vacation/challenge.

What: The 18th annual Bermuda Round the Sound Swim – October 19th

Why: Nice marathon swim on the beautiful island of Bermuda. 10k in total.

How: Hosted by AquaMoon adventures, (they also host a few other marathon swims in other countries).




Fat Salmon 5k swim - July 19th - Seattle  


Why: This is representive of an average (maybe a bit longer) open water swim in America.  It's a great way to get involved in an organized way.  5k is something that you can do if you train for it...and if u don't train u can still do it (it will just HURT).  For me i had been climbing in Alaska for the last month so it was my fast track to get back in to swimming to prepare for Euro-Africa. 

How: There are loads of open water swims in the US which i will list below.  This particular race, and a fun one, took place in lake washington